Payment Methods and Refunds

The payment methods we introduced here is to facilitate the transaction for both customers and stores/vendors.

1. We encourage both customers and stores/vendors to use their current established payment method (either cash, check ,or POS machine), as long as it is convenient for you.

2. The credit card and paypal methods are introduced to allow online shoppers to pay it online if preferred. We are working on it to facilitate the transaction to favor the customer and store/vendors. As a neutral platform, we are trying to minimize the cost of it, including, time, revenue holding, notification, etc.

3. Popular international payment methods (say wechat pay/alipay for Chinese) are introduced step by step to allow any transitional or cross-border shopping while the transactions are allowed to and we are trying our best to keep your own preference, either as a customer or a store/vendor owner.

4. Refunds could be done manually or automatically based on the original payment methods. Some overhead cost might be introduced by the platform as the matter of fact from the payment method itself, which some of them might be costy in terms of time and resource.

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